Heart diseases

Heart diseases are one of the most frequent causes of premature death. It is therefore important to get treatment at an early stage.

Ischemic heart disease, a heart attack and calcification of the arteries which bring blood to the heart, cause many different symptoms.

If you suddenly feel severe pains in your chest, possibly radiating to your jaw and/or your left arm, as well as breathlessness and general discomfort, you should call 112.

If, when you have your blood pressure tested either at the medical centre or at home, you are told you have high blood pressure (hypertension), you will be offered a course of therapy with our hypertension nurse. She will talk about the possible causes and what you can do to treat high blood pressure yourself. The nurse will plan a course of therapy.

You will initially have your blood pressure tested at three-month intervals until it is stabilised. You will be asked to attend an annual examination, which includes testing your blood and urine, and an electrocardiogram (ECG). Your GP will give you the results of these tests and together you will plan a course of therapy for the following year.