Travel vaccinations

Going abroad?

We offer personal advice on the vaccinations you need and can vaccinate you at the clinic.


Diphtheria 180 kr.
Diphtheria-tetanus 200 kr.
Yellow fever 260 kr.
Hepatitis A adult (Havrix) 500 kr.
Hepatitis A child (Havrix pæd.) 400 kr.
Hepatitis A+B adult (Twinrix) 600 kr.
Hepatitis A+B child (Twinrix pæd.) (< 15 yrs) 400 kr.
Hepatitis B (Engerix) 400 kr.
Hepatitis B child (Engerix pæd.) 220 kr.
Influenza 250 kr.
Japanese encephalitis 1100 kr.
Cholera 400 kr.
Meningitis (Meningovax A+C) 240 kr.
Meningitis (Meningovax A+C+Y+W-135) 675 kr.
Pneumococcal vaccine (pneumonia) 360 kr.
Hepatitis a+b child (Ambirix) < 15 yrs 600 kr.

For more information, click the link to Statens Serum Institut (SSI)