Your own GP
We prefer you to choose a specific GP at our medical centre, and we ask you to state which ouf our doctor’s is your regular GP, when you make an appointment. It is, of course, entirely up to you but we believe it is an advantage if your doctor has a chance to get to know you. However, in the event of acute illness and at open consultations, we cannot promise that your own GP will see you, although we will do our best to ensure that he or she does.

If you suffer from a chronic condition, which needs monitoring, you will be assigned a specific nurse on our team who has specialist knowledge of your particular condition.

Open consultation
We are a large medical centre. This means that we can offer you extra service in the form of extended hours of opening and can offer more services than a small clinic. Open consultation is open on weekdays. You will be seen by a doctor even though you have not made an appointment. If you have minor medical issues, you can come to the surgery without making an appointment. It is assumed that you only have one issue for which you need medical assistance. We cannot offer to write a doctor’s note or to refer you to a specialist physician in open consultation. If you have several health-related issues or if you need a doctor’s note, please make a regular appointment.

General practice training centre
We have chosen to be a general practice training centre for doctors who wish to become specialist physicians. Sometimes you will meet doctors at the centre who work here for six months to one year as part of their specialist training. We hope that you will welcome them. They will be supervised by specialist physicians here at the clinic. We have chosen to be a training centre because we believe that it is important for developing quality in our profession and important for you as a patient that there will also be competent doctors in the future.

Test results
When you have a blood test, urine test, swabs taken, etc., you must contact the clinic to request test results. You will be informed when the results will be available when the test is taken. Results may be given to you by telephone, e-mail or in person. From time to time results do go missing, and we have no hope of discovering that they are missing, unless you let us know that you have not received your results. Always call the clinic to get your test results.


Tranquillisers and sleeping pills
When we issue prescriptions for tranquillisers and sleeping pills, we follow the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s principles and guidelines. This means that we only prescribe these types of drugs if the patient comes to the clinic in person and we prescribe no more than one month’s consumption. Every patient is offered help to withdraw gradually from these types of drugs.

A regular dose of a tranquilliser or sleeping pill also means that the patient is generally not permitted to drive,and will not be able to renew their driving licence for this reason.

The vast majority of issues can be dealt with at the clinic. Now and again, we may have to refer you to a specialist physician, or to a hospital, physiotherapist or psychologist. Any referral we make is based on a professional assessment. A referral will normally require that you attend the clinic in person.

Doctor’s notes
If you need a doctor’s note to present to your employer, travel company, health insurance company or other agent, please note that you will normally be required to pay for this at the clinic. You can pay using Dankort.

Accessibility for disabled patients
The clinic is located on the second floor of the Rødovre Shopping Centre, entrance D. There are disable parking spaces at the entrance and an elevator to the second floor. The clinic has an automatic entrance door and we have a handicapped toilet in the clinic.

Rødovre Shopping Centre also offers the use of a wheelchair. Contact the information offer or call: +45 36 70 99 44.